UVIRA, new flood 2 hours on January 12, 2021

Another big rain fell on the middle plateau of the city of Uvira, which caused further flooding, flooding of the Kavimvira river.

These waters dispersed in the city of Uvira Kasenga Quarter. Two avenues Mapendo and Muranvia were invaded taking away the houses. Since then, women and children have suffered greatly: they have lost their homes and have no shelter, blankets, medical care, food and household items.
These 340 new homeless families today hui in the city of Uvira, come to swell the others waiting for humanitarian aid. The number of victims has so far amounted to 2,780 families.

December 2020: 2nd wave of flooding at UVIRA

Again 1,240 families join the first 1,200 families in March 2020.

That is 2,440 families without shelter, without international aid, forgotten by all. The first 1,200 families after being housed in schools and churches have been homeless again since the schools reopened.

Water has passed through their city, their houses are destroyed and rebuilding identically in the same place is madness. The swelling river is going to stay there for decades or more.

It is a climatic catastrophe that is eating away at the banks, flood after flood.

You have to rebuild elsewhere, further, higher, but with what resources when you earn less than 2 dollars a day? No accommodation, no more food, no medical assistance.

Donate to REGENERATION MATRIX for the UVIRA climate refugees who have lost everything.


The climate refugees from UVIRA are the big ones forgotten by international communication and aid.

The NGO REGENERATION MATRIX offered them to create a new town on land donated by the government of the Republic of Congo. A model of a new town, half agricultural, half urban: Les Jardins de Babylone.

In the meantime, they don’t need tents but removable shelters, like the pioneers of the Wild West who followed the progress of the construction of the railroads. Just as they will go and live where there is work to build this city of a new kind that will promote employment and local food.

The NGO REGENERATION MATRIX seeks first 600,000 euros and second 620,000 euros for these 2 communities in the form of donations or loans for 2,440 families with children currently without roofs, food or health assistance, in order to build in run their small houses on their plots.

2,440 families, or 48,000 men, women and children. 500 euros is 380 euros for a small house and 120 euros for a family loan to start a new activity.